Mission Statement

 The mission of the Connecticut Symphonic Winds is to provide high caliber musicians with an opportunity to perform challenging, stylistically diverse, quality concert band literature for community and public education audiences.

The Organization will strive, in its growing capacity, to give experience and aid in furthering the education and performance of exceptional and gifted music students on High School, College and Post Graduate levels.

As support for the Connecticut Symphonic Winds increases, the Ensemble will continue to endeavor to bring the experience of live wind ensemble music and the standard classical repertoire to those communities and audiences that lack artistic exposure.

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CSW Board Members and Contact Info

Music Director:  Charles Brian DePaul

203-522-0193 /  CounterPointBand@SBCGlobal.net

Associate Conductor/Education Liaison:  Donna Schmardel


*President:  Vincent Florentino


*Vice-President/Multimedia:  Kathryn Anderson


*Secretary:  Jenn Beno


*CFO/Library:  Sandy Eisenberg


Financial Advisor:  Bob Johnson


Financial Advisor:  David Wojtowicz


*Fundraising:  Emily P. "Kiki" Jones


-- Amanda Schuman


*Band Manager:  Don Wilcox

203-641-5328 / Donald.Wilcox@SBCGlobal.net

Assistant Band Manager:  Ray Weber


Membership Director:  Russ Halstead


SW/Program/Materials Manager:  Linda Badowski


*Public Relations/Advertisement:  TBA

WebMaster(s):  Jones & Spitzer

At Large:  David Pressler, Judy Pressler

* Executive Posts

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Our Musicians!


2018 Roster

Charles Brian DePaul, Music Director, Principal Conductor 

Donna Schmardel, Associate Conductor 


Piccolo   Meredith Zoll   

Flute   Paula Coutz *, Bethany Dupuis, Sandy Eisenberg, Peter Hadley, Donna Lupacchino, Lisa Horton Malin, Judy Pressler, Stacy Severn ^, Meredith Zoll   

Oboe   Gerry Freid, Anthony J. Mara 

English Horn   Gerry Fried  

Bassoon   Linda Balavram, Jennifer Beno *, Winifred Swarr  

Eb Soprano Clarinet  Shire Feingold

Clarinet   Kathryn Anderson, Andrew Anello *, Carmen Jane Booth, Cherie Broder, Vincent Brophy, Camerson Costen, Ann Cory, Patricia Gelineau, Brian Nekoloff, Dan Nguyen, Thomas Roche, Richard Testani   

Alto Clarinet   Donald Wilcox   

Bass Clarinet   Ethan Desautels, Molly Scatenato, Donald Wilcox   

Alto Saxophone   Julia Gerace *, David Glassman, Donna Schmardel   

Tenor Saxophone   Rick Meyers   

Baritone Saxophone   Linda Badowski   

French Horn   Bethany Franklin, Irene Guda, Emily P. "Kiki" Jones +, Kathy Kuberka, Dawn Leety, Aaron Plude *, Kate Russo   

Trumpet   Jacob Colao, Nannette Cristino, Patti DeMeglio, Mark Dennis, Joseph DeRocco, Christopher Doney^, Vincent Florentino, Amy Grace, Dan Jocis, Joseph Spitzer *
  - the Daniel Gelfund Memorial Chair, Thomas Zoubek   

Trombone   Russ Halstead *, Jonathan Hartman, Robert A. Johnson, John Russo, David Wojtowicz       

Bass Trombone   Brian Borrelli, David Wojtowicz, Jr., John Revel   

Euphonium   Phil Adelman, Gerard L. Tondi *, Chris Rickard   

Tuba   Art Hovey *, Tyler Michaud, Rob Perelli-Minetti, Ken Sura   

Percussion   Jeehyun Kim, David Liskov *, Connor Mulford, Noah Schaffer, Raymond Weber, Michael Wyatt   

Piano   Jeehyun Kim         

                * Principal          ^ Associate Principal          + Section Leader